US Rapper, The Game Loses Record Label And Profits From Latest Album To Sexual Assault Accuser

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The record label of American rapper, The Game and all profits from the sale of his last album “Born 2 Rap” has been seized by a judge in a $7 million sexual assault case.

In 2015, Priscilla Rainey, a former reality dating show contestant accused The Game of sexually assaulting her at a Chicago sports bar while taping his VH1 reality show “She’s Got Game.”

Rainy sued the LA native for $10 million, but the rapper refused to show up to court and ignored the trial. In his absence, the court ordered him to pay $7.13 million in damages to Rainey.

The Game denied all of the allegations and still refused to take the trial seriously, making the Judge look for ways to enforce the judgement.

Subsequently, Rainey was recently granted “any and all rights, title, and interest” in any money, property or future payments due to Game’s independent label LA Prolific, which he launched with his last album Born 2 Rap in November.

She was also awarded the ownership of The Games latest album, Born 2 Rap and royalties from the album, along with any salary Game may have been paying himself through LA Prolific.

“All third parties who receive notice of this Order are directed to pay any and all money or property due, or to become due, under this Order, directly to Plaintiff either: (1) by check payable to ‘Priscilla Rainey,’ and delivered to Plaintiff’s counsel” until the judgment is satisfied in full,” stated Judge Virginia A. Phillips.

According to the judge, if Game attempts to go against the ruling and collect the money, he could be charged with contempt of court.

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