Apple brings back ‘scissor’ keyboards in latest MacBook Air

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Apple Inc (AAPL.O) launched an updated version of its MacBook Air on Wednesday, modifying keyboards on its laptop line that have faced criticism for typing-related problems.

The company switched back to what is known as a “scissor” mechanism keyboards, discarding the “butterfly” in its most popular laptop models as customers had claimed that the keyboards suffered from issues such as sticky keys, unresponsive keys when tiny amounts of dust or debris accumulated under or near the keys.

Last December, a federal judge rejected the iPhone maker’s bid to dismiss a proposed class action lawsuit by customers who said it knew and concealed how the “butterfly” keyboards on its laptops were likely to show issues.

Apple also lowered the starting price for the machine. With prices starting from $999, the new laptops will be available for orders on the company’s online store from Wednesday and will be available in stores next week.

— Reuters

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