Indian Contractor With Dangote Shows Symptoms of Corona Virus

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An Indian contractor with Dangote with symptoms of Coronavirus has been rushed to the hospital for testing and diagnosis.

According to PUNCH, the man, who is a staff of one of Dangote’s Contractors was coughing and running a high temperature on Monday.

Doctors were immediately called in and he was rushed to the hospital for testing and dignosis.

Tony Chiejina, a spokesperson for Dangote confirmed the incident and said the indian was not an employee of Dangote.

He also added that the man was spotted during one of the routine medical checks at the refinery, but said the case has not been confirmed.

He also said Dangote was a partner in the fight against Covid-19 and had already donated N200m to the fight against the epidemic.

He also said the company would soon release a statement to the public.

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